It all began out of a necessity to repair the bikes we rode. The first shop was a humble set up in the woodshed on a farm in Erin, Ontario. The majority of the bikes we worked on were Suzuki RM’s, Yamaha YZ’s and the occasional 4 stroke Honda trail bike.

The Sasquatch crew started racing south of the border with AHRMA in 2007/08 when vintage MX racing was at it’s peak.   At the races, we found cool old motorcycle brand names like Husky, Maico, CZ, BSA and of course Honda’s and Suzuki.    Guys were dragging these old machines out of the back shed, restoring them and racing them on vintage friendly tracks all across the US from coast to coast. Some of these vintage bikes have actually tripled in value from their original purchase price in the 70’s and have become quite the valued collector’s pieces.

Although we offer restoration services, our main objective is to increase the Vintage MX Racing participation in Southwestern Ontario.  We want to RIDE! We focus energies on organized events allowing the many vintage MX enthusiasts to hit the tracks and network with other collectors.  Its a great network of people that share the same hobby and passion of restoring and sometimes racing their vintage collection.  We enjoy travelling and promoting other Vintage MX events across the country such as the Ormstown Vintage Festival in Quebec, PEI Vintage year end festival and the infamous Unadilla MX Rewind in New Berlin, New York just to name a few.

We are non profit and invest our time and energies to the promotion and organization of such events.

Do you own a vintage bike in the back shed you would like to restore race or perhaps worth some money? Contact us and we’d be happy to tell you about your bike, its value and the availability of parts for your machine.  If its racing you are interested in we can assist you with all the information you need to get you on your way and follow us along our journey’s to fun filled weekends of friendly racing and camaraderie of the amazing people we have met over the years.

We also purchase machines for fair market value (depending on the condition of course). Sasquatch Cycle currently has two locations for your convenience. One in Wasaga Beach, Ont. and another in Erin, Ont.  Feel free to contact us for more information.



Jim Collis – Founder

Our staff is dedicated to the preservation of vintage motorcycles. We build ‘em and ride ‘em. As founding co owner of Sasquatch Cycle Jim Collis has been riding and racing bikes for over 40 years. His first bike was a Yamaha 60 cc Mini- Enduro (purchased with insurance money right after my 10 speed was stolen from the school parking lot). Jim first got into racing under the Direction of Jon Ooosterman National world Champion MX rider and founder of the Flying Dutchman MC.  He became a member of the Flying Dutchman MC in the early 70’s and participated annually for many years in the ever popular 2Hour MX enduros. In 1976 Jim won second place in the 2hr enduro series.  He joined CMA back in the mid-70’s and raced the crazy 125 Junior MX Class. After a long break he rejoined CMA in 2001 and raced the hare scramble series for 3 seasons. Now at 57 years old he is still an active AMA and AHRMA member.  Due to injuries he has been sidelined from racing and has  been more involved in coaching/wrenching capacity in the North Shop sponsored riders.


In 2006,  Jim held the National Cross Country Novice Class number 1 Plate and in 2007 won second place in the same class on a 1971 BSA 250. Some of the bikes Jim currently race are a 1973 Penton 125 ISDT, 1968 Cappra 250, 1975 Yamaha YZ 125,  a 1970 BSA  B-25 and a 1968 Greeves 360.  He  currently own over 10 bikes and always has an eye out for that unusual brand.


greg10Greg Collis manages the south shop in Erin with Paul Guilbert. Greg began riding in the early 70’s and his first bike was the infamous Honda z50 Mini trail which he purchased as a basket case. Jim and Greg managed to get that bike to run and shared it for many years. Greg moved on to a YZ 125 and raced the Flying Dutchman 2 hour enduros. Greg  owns and races a number of vintage MX bikes.    His collection of vintage iron includes a Bultaco 250 Pursang, two Elsinore 250’s, a Hodaka, Yamaha’s, Suzuki’s, Carabela’s etc. the list goes on…he restores, races them, breaks them, then restores them again!




Paul is the Head Mechanic at Sasquatch Cycle. His skills are invaluable.   Depending on the part, if it can’t be found Paul can fabricate it.  Paul has seen the inside of several motors of all the different makes, models and years.   Paul began riding when he was 10 years old around the many trails of Base Borden in Angus Ont. Paul then moved to Ottawa and drifted on to road bikes.

Like most, Paul has come full circle back to his roots in the dirt and for the last 8 years has built several remarkable dual sport and offroad motorcycles.

He continues to support the vintage racing movement and can be seen at every event.    His collection includes TM Suzuki 250, Can Am Black Widow and TNT, Yamaha Enduro’s etc.




Heather Collis our photographer and club coordinator, not only shoots the events but puts together the many things that everyone overlooks. Sign in, collection, attendance & all the emails to make it all happen. Her dedication to the cause is phenomenal. You’ll see her at all the events. Look for the wide smile & orange vest.


Sasquatch Vintage Racing