Parts, Restorations and Services   Sasquatch Cycle’s aftermarket, NOS and reproduction parts strategy is to continually source suppliers of parts for the  various makes and models of the vintage MX era for in shop repair only.  It has taken years of networking and research to find the hoarders, collectors and best retail suppliers covering various makes, models and years of the vintage MX collections.   Sometimes the internet is not the best source where as good ole fashion word of mouth and networking produces the unique and original finds to complete a numbers of projects but takes significant time and we will only source for in house repairs.

We do in house parts fabrication, installations and total restorations. Our shop rate varies by project. We work with the customer to restore the bike to their specification.   Whether it’s a play rider or race restoration we do it all from engine rebuilds to detailing, paint and decals for a reasonable price. The customer is informed about all aspects of the project and is asked for input at all stages during the restoration.

Customer’s Restored Bikes

1974 Bultaco Pursang 125cc Model 100

Bultaco 2

Bike showed up at our shop in this condition. As you can see, it was rid hard, and put away dirty! Quite the challenge.

Mouse nest in the airbox

Mouse nest in the airbox


Mark purchased this bike back in 1974. Wanted it brought back to its original condition. Mark participated in the restoration with paint and chrome.


Finished product, happy customer!



Two 1971 Husqvarna CR250’s


Our good friend Mike brought us his two Husky’s for restoration.


Mike wanted one race ready resto…very effective racer…and one museum level restoration.


Once completed Mike could not a refuse an offer and the museum level restoration was sold immediately.



Sasquatch Bikes

1974/5  Carabela Marquesa 125 MX

Carabela Marquesa

Considered somewhat rare, as they ran out of parts half way through the production year..hence the 1974 and half!

Carabela Marquesa

It took over 5 years to find all the parts. Rebuilt motor with spare – thanks to John who had all the little tidbits to bring it back to its original condition.



1978 Carabela Marquesa 175 Enduro

Carabela Marquesa

Full motor rebuild and all the other special parts that complete the bike

Carabela Marquesa

Tank and side panels are original on both these Carabela’s – loved the original colours, dents and scrapes…shows their true age.


1973 Hodaka Combat Wombat


Was restored four years ago….has seen the track…and in need of restoration again!


1974 Bultaco Pursang Mark 5  250cc


Bike was a pleasure to restore because it was in such good condition when purchased.


Bultaco had some amazing design features for the era.


As original as possible, with a hairy eye ball on detail.










1976 Can Am TNT 175 O/R


Nice and clean ready for a thrashing at the track


Amazing how many parts that are still available for these bikes…makes it a stress free resto!



Sasquatch Vintage Racing