Posted 3/25/2017

1982 Honda CR250 – Replaced tires, tubes, bearings, and rims aligned after spokes were replaced; suspension rebuilt at local dealer; seat cover replaced; hand guards, handle bars replaced; clutch and throttle cables replaced; carb serviced; sprockets, chain and sliders replaced.   There are some extra parts as well like used rads and rims, new fork seals, spokes etc.   Engine has not been apart; has good compression and clutch does not slip.  Bike is located in Kingston, Ontario

$2199 or OBO


Posted 12/9/2016

1977 YZ400 – Running condition (carb and throttle missing in picture) but fitted on the bike.   $1400 or Best offer




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Hi Folks…We have some barn fresh bikes being parted out or sold as project bikes.

1976 Suzuki RM125 part out



1972 Yamaha SC 500 part out or project



1970’s Yamaha GT80 Equip. part out



Barn Fresh Bikes to be parted out – looking for something – we might have it!!  Examples below:

img_0204 img_0197

1976-77-78  Yamaha IT125 – 175 parts bikes

1980-81-82 Yamaha IT175 parts bikes

Various years   Yamaha DT 100-175-250-400  parts bikes

1974 Yamaha RT360 parts bike

1976 Yamaha YZ 125 parts

1978 Yamaha YZ400 Parts

1979 Yamaha YZ100 Part out

1981 Yamaha YZ125 Chassis parts only

1974 Suzuki TS400 Chassis and motor parts










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